Meet Meggan


Hi there. Welcome to Hint of Nutmegg!

I’m Meggan, a twenty-three year old graduate who enjoys, no, more like loves, baking. My goal is to put smiles on faces and make stomachs so full and happy with sugar, that you can’t help but ask for seconds. I’ve had no formal training in the kitchen aside from helping my mom cook dinner, so the majority of what I know has come from other baking bloggers, Paula Deen (more butter anyone?), and various cookbooks I’ve picked up over the years. I try to be creative with what I bake and occasionally, I even dream up my own recipes, but sometimes I find myself following in the flour covered shoes of the bakers that came before me. Hopefully, you won’t mind too much.

Aside from my love affair with baking, I’m a huge fan of coffee (don’t you just want to move into Starbucks? If you do, let’s be best friends), goldfish (the crackers, not the swimming fishies), traveling, glitter, kitties, lazy days, and country music. Oh, and peanut butter. And also, Oreos, especially if they are smothered in peanut butter.

When I started this blog I was attending school in the Bay Area and living in a dorm. I didn’t have my own kitchen, good lighting was non-existent, photo-shoot space was limited, and I was using an Iphone 4 to take pictures. It wasn’t as bad as it sounds, really. I had the best roommate ever (aka blog advisor/taste tester/baking assistant), and a communal kitchen that thankfully was rarely occupied.

Now, I’m living at home, working at a psychiatric hospital, and preparing to head back to school. I have my own kitchen, better lighting, plenty of photo-shoot space, and have upgraded to using a Canon EOS Rebel XS. Needless to say my photos look much better, but that in no way means I’m a master photographer. I’m still trying to figure out this whole food photography thing, it’s a little harder than it looks. So, bear with me. I’ll get there eventually.

Anyways, I look forward to sharing new and delicious treats with you (thank you for visiting my blog!) and all my wonderful friends and family who are always willing to taste my creations.

But, enough about me. Let’s bake!