Parfait Popsicles

Parfait Popsicles
Ahh, finally. Warm weather.

I’m not entirely a fan of sunny days. You’re probably thinking I’m joking, but I assure you, I’m not. You see, the sun and I have a complicated relationship. Mainly, I dislike the sun and it seems to really love me. And by love, I mean that it enjoys burning my skin so red, that I make lobsters look pale.

But, the sun and I have set aside our differences for now. Why? Because warm weather means popsicles. That’s right, I said popsicles. Who doesn’t love popsicles?

I was always a fan of fudgsicles. There was something about eating cold chocolate that didn’t melt quickly in the sun that made even the hottest days that much cooler. I never really liked the fruity popsicles though, they always seemed to melt all over my hands before I could figure out what flavor was actually on the stick. Don’t get me wrong, this didn’t stop me from eating them, but if I had to choose between fudgsicles or fruity popsicles, fudgsicles would always win.

Until now. These parfait popsicles have changed my mind completely.


Besides being ridiculously adorable, these pops are extremely refreshing, (relatively) healthy, easy to make, and perfect for eating after a stroll in the sun, a long day of classes, or even breakfast (popsicles that you can eat for breakfast? I know, dream come true). If you’re a fan of parfaits, you should already be in your kitchen making these. They taste just like frozen smoothies packed with chunks of fruit and lightly sprinkled with a crunchy granola finish. The chunks of fruit add the perfect fruity undertone to the creamy yogurt and the granola adds just the right amount of bite to the pop. I made two different flavors, strawberry pineapple and strawberry banana, and both came out delicious. Feel free to try other flavor combinations if these don’t sound good to you, and if you do, let me know how they taste!

Parfait Popsicles
Recipe adapted from Chobani Kitchen

Strawberry Banana Pops:
6 oz. vanilla yogurt
6 oz. strawberry yogurt
1 tablespoon honey
2 bananas
½ cup granola
8 paper sample cups
8 wooden sticks

Strawberry Pineapple Pops:

6 oz. vanilla yogurt
6 oz. strawberry yogurt
2 tablespoons honey
8 oz. can pineapple chunks + pineapple juice
½ cup granola
8 paper sample cups
8 wooden sticks

Note: I used Kind Healthy Grains Maple Walnut Clusters as my granola and Wallaby Organic Low-fat yogurt.
For the wooden sticks, I took coffee stirrers, cut them in half, and used two halves per cup (the sticks were too flimsy to only use one half).

Strawberry Pineapple Pops
In a medium bowl, combine vanilla yogurt, strawberry yogurt, and 2 tablespoons honey.
Open canned pineapples and cut the chunks in half following the natural grain of the fruit. Add to the bowl.
Add about 1/3 of the juice from the pineapple can to the mixture.
Mix until well combined.

Strawberry Banana Pops
In a medium bowl, combine vanilla yogurt, strawberry yogurt, and 1 tablespoon honey.
Slice bananas in circles and cut into fourths. Add to the bowl.
Mix until well combined.

Assembling the Pops
Pour mixture into the paper sample cups.
Place a wooden stick in the middle of the cup (try to spear a piece of fruit to help the stick stand up straight).
Place popsicles in the freezer and let them sit over night or until frozen.
Once frozen, remove from the freezer and peel off the paper sample cups.
Let them sit for about 4 to 5 minutes or until slightly thawed (this will help the granola stick).
Pour ½ cup granola into a shallow bowl and with the bottom of a cup smash the clusters into smaller pieces.
While holding the stick of a popsicle, roll the popsicle in granola until some of it sticks—cover it with as much granola as you’d like (if the popsicles start getting too thawed, place them back in the freezer to firm up). Add more smashed granola to the bowl as needed.
After rolling the popsicles in granola, put them back in the freezer for about ten minutes or until ready to eat.


Parfait Popsicles


3 thoughts on “Parfait Popsicles

  1. These look so yummy! I love that they have a crunchy topping……………………I will be creating some in my kitchen!!!!

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